Sunday, February 8, 2009

Okay okay okay

I'm sorry for never posting! Life has been a little hectic lately, but things are settling down. Turns out I'm not going to Highland my last two years like I wanted to :( BUT I do get to go there for summer school!!! YAY FOR SUMMER SCHOOL!! Can I get a "WHOOP WHOOP!!!"? I am crossing my fingers for the gum smacker, man I miss that kid, and the cutie. I want him in there too :D I will be taking History again, this time Arizona/American History, so not as fun a World History unfortunately. Well... I have decided on two careers, 1. ROCKSTAR 2. Magazine Editor-in-Chief in New York City (yeah baby NYU)! I absolutley hate my hair and it's taking way too long to grow back out, REMIND me again WHY I cut it??? TalkToYouLater


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My life is pretty uneventful, but it's the most wonderful time of the year, so I feel like bloggin.

Last weekend I went to KACEE JENSON's b-day party at her new casa, and I had soooo much fun! One of the girls got her two things of FLARP so we were "flarpin" all night long. I was so suprised to find out that not one of the girls there had heard of the Hershey Squirts! They thought that was pretty flippin hilarious. Gross, I know, but I'm a rootin tootin kinda girl!! We were up soooooo late, thanks to Kacee's NACHO LIBRE impressions, which I must admit, ALMOST made me pee my pants laughing! I had to record her on my phone, and I listen to it everyday!!!
"I ate some bugs, I ate some grass, I used my hands, to wipe my tears, and kiss your lips. No, no,no,no,no, no way Jose! Unless you want to, and then we'll put our mouths together..... AND INCARNASIO-O and INCARNASIO-O-O-O-O and INCARNASIO-O-doodeedldo, and INCARNASIO-O-O-O-O-O"
UGHHHH I love that girl!!!!! hahahahaha... Well, we were sad when we had to leave, and some tears were shed, on my part anyway, and I miss her like crazzzzzyyyy. I'm still waitin for the day when she calls me and tells me that they are moving back, like next door this time.
Only in my dreams.

Friday, September 12, 2008

fill in

Sorry I haven't blogged in FOREVER! I am in a Business class this semester and I spend the whole hour typing, and so I don't want to come home and type. Ha! AND nothing really worth mentioning is going on in my life... Uhhhh... I have decided to grow my hair back out because it's a pain in the booty to style every single day. I only hate one class, Math, and it's only because of my psycho maniac teacher. My life consists of school, school and listening to my ipod. I'm actually going to a football game tonight with some friends and then we are having a SLEEPOVER!! I will be taking my camera and hopefully I'll get some hilarious pics to put on here. I think I want to redecorate my blog. I am bored. I love to sleep because I hardly get any. And yeah I don't like a guy right now and it sucks. I love liking a guy because it gives my something to think about other than school, school, and the music I'm listening to on my ipod. Geez Louis, I thought I was bored during the summer!!!! I am even more bored now that I'm in school. I am still dreaming of being a rockstar like my idols Paramore, and I now have a band--sort of-- and yeah. This is me being bored at this very moment...

Monday, August 4, 2008

There's Paramore Where That Came From

Paramore.August 2, 2008.HOLY COW.

On Saturday I attended the Paramore concert at the Mesa Amphitheatre. It was CrazyMaddnessAmazing. I am a huge ParaFan....{;D} There were 3 opening bands and then PARAMORE

Lead Singer of Paper Route

Lead singer of Phanton Planet
(looking straight at my camera)

Lead Singer of Jack's Mannequin

Hayley and Jeremy

AWWW Josh!


Another of Josh

Whoa Hayley


Hayley's Amazing Hair

Can you tell where I was standing??


The most amazing PICTURE!!!!

I totally tried sending these to them on their website, but it wasn't workin! Ughhhh hopefullly I can try again and win "photo of the week" :D

Thursday, July 10, 2008


ACT #: 7116
DOB: 05/25/93 AGE:15
DOS: 07/09/08

This is what my NVSC (North Valley Surgical Center) patient tag looks like. Yes, I had surgery yesterday. When I was like 8, my cousin accidentally hit me across the face with a remote control while watching "Joe Millionaire". This explains my upside-down question mark nose. Since then, I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO BREATHE THROUGH MY NOSE, AT ALL, PERIOD!! Can you even imagine how annoying that would be?? Turns out when I got hit, she not only broke my nose, she completely shattered my cartilage. So when we went to the UCC, they said that that couldn't just reset it because it wasn't just my nose bone. They said that I would need total reconstructive Rhinoplasty when I was about 14 or 15. so yesterday, I went under the knife for about 4 hours in reconstructive surgery. Yesterday I wasn't in THAT much pain because I was still really doped up, but today I am in quite a bit of pain. I am taking Viccoden every 4 or 5 hours and I am still dyin here. I have received visits from a few people in the ward and stuff so that has been really nice. I just wanted to get on and let people know that I DID NOT do this because I am materialistic and I wanted a new nose. I was totally fine with my nose except it was completely useless. I mean I could hardly smell through it. So I just wanted to get on and let you guys know that and also let you know that my mom will be posting every day pix of me on her blog, so if you really want to see the swelled up, purple and black, casted, faced me, then check it out on her blog. :D

Friday, June 20, 2008


So everyone knows that I am in summer school right? Well, in my class there are alot of people I have never met before. The GPS summer school enrolled Mesquite High, Highland High (our ultimate rivals!), and my school, Desert Ridge. Well lucky for me, there is only one other kid that goes to DRHS in my class. Everyone else attends HIGHLAND (which secretly I wish I went there and hopefully I can go there Junior and Senior year) so there is alot of playful arguing about which school is better and alot of school spirit. Which is actually quite funny because on regular spirit day at school, NOBODY dresses up in their Jag Gear. The bathrooms have teal and black marker all over them saying "Highland Rocks Hawks" and then with a red marker, "rocks" is crossed out to say "SUCKS". So about 100 times in the girls bathroom says...
" Highland SUCKS Hawks"
Huh. So now you might be wondering why the heck this is titled GUM SMACKER. Is it because I stepped in a huge pile of fresh gum yesterday and was literally stuck to the ground? Nope. The reason for this title is that there is a certain Highland boy who sits behind me in class... AND HE IS THE BIGGEST GUM SMACKER I HAVE EVER HEARD!!!!!! I swear he just enjoys listening to himself chomp because it seriously is amazingly obnoxious. He even does it in a pattern, super fast, than slow, really loud, then hardly noticeable. I am sitting there in class trying to learn about the French Revolution or whatever, and I was shuddering! I was trying to plug my ears or something, but unfortunately I don't have 3 arms to plug my ears and take notes 25 mi/hr. I'm pretty sure my teacher noticed because she moved him another row behind me and moved this really cute Highland boy behind me. Did this help? Yes. But he is so loud, that I can still hear him. ugh. I kinda want to talk to this new kid behind me, so I'm thinking I'm going to turn around and say...
Do you have a hard time concentrating?
With the gum smacker behind you?
-haha I try to ignore it.
Ha well I'm lucky she switched you two because I was pulling out my hair.
Have fun with that :D
Now of course I haven't talked to him yet so that's just how I imagine it to be.
If I ever do say anything to him.
PS. If this was kind of hard for you to understand I'll inform you that
+Desert Ridge High School or DRHS we are the Jaguars and we are red and black
+Highland High School or HHS are the Hawks and they're teal and black

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Last night I had 3 crazy dreams. I don't remember which order they were in but I'll tell you about them. In one, I was being attacked by a bird that was like dying or something. It was really weird and I swear I felt it bumping up against me. I woke up screaming, and now I will probably have a great fear of big black crows. The second one was about an alien invasion. Umm. weird. It was blizzarding at my school, I have no idea why this dream was at my school but whatever, oddly enough Sister Beeson was there and she was telling me to come into the classroom. I'm pretty sure she's not a teacher at my school so that was freakish. That one was a really long dream but it doesn't make sense when I try and tell it, it made sense in my head but I guess I'm forgetting some things that would make it seem more together. There was not a resolution to this alien invasion dream but I'm guessing that they won because they were like hypnotizing everyone. The third was actually great dream but it was totally random. It was about this kid that was in my biology class last year. His name is Jake. It's kinda funny because me and Saedi have always had this thing for "Jake's", like 3/4 of the guys we've liked have been "Jake's" we joke around and say one of us is bound to marry one. In my dream he was actually my pizza delivery boy and I just gave him a hug. That's all. Just a hug. and now I think I really like him. Funny how I sat by him all year long and then dreamt he was my pizza boy last night. Huh. Whoa.